3. Vilhelm Hallonblad statue

“I hit my feet on the roots I meet”.

This is one of the rhymes by the legendary character of Pargas, Vilhelm Hallonblad. He was known to almost everyone in town around the 1920’s because of the business of transporting things that he built. Hallonblad could be seen around Pargas with his wooden trolley, kids swirling around him, asking to give them new names. “You, who come like summer breeze, I think your name is Beatrize” is one of the examples remembered by girls in Pargas. The memories of Vilhelm Hallonblad are filled with warmth. He was a simple, modest and hardworking man, always in a good mood, the friend of kids, animals and nature.

Vilhelm Hallonblad doesn’t have a grave, and Pargas society decided to have a statue made to honor his memory. The small statue is made by local artist Markku Suomalainen.

More about Vilhelm Hallonblad is written in the book “Spåren berättar – om den goda människan Vilhelm Hallonblad” by Egil Essen.