The Old Municipal Building

The municipal house was erected in 1876 in “Schweitzer”-style. During the following decades, many different activities took place in the municipal cottage. The municipal board convened in the meeting hall, but the same room has also been used as an autopsy room and as a library. The elementary school started in 1879 in the municipal house.

Fredrikastreet in 1921.

In the 1890s there were many associations in the house. The pharmacy was  in the building in 1910-1914. The Savings Bank also had a small office in a corner of the meeting hall before it moved next door to the Savings Bank house.

Kommunalstugan 1920
The municipal hall in 1920.

The municipal house is now divided into two halves and an attic. The western part and the attic houses the offices of various associations. The old meeting hall in the building’s eastern part is now an exhibition space.

An elementary school class outside the municipal house around 1900.

The pharmacist Karl Eklund was granted the right to establish a pharmacy in Pargas in 1907. The pharmacy was first in oldest part of the Folkhälsan kindergarten house Bantis. The pharmacy moved to the municipal house around 1910 and in 1912 the pharmacy was transferred to Georg Örnhjelm.

Apotekaren Örnhjelm
The pharmacist Örnhjelm.

After a few years he pharmacy moved to Köpmansgatan and Örnhjelm continued with his until 1932 when he moved to Vasa. Örnhjelm was during his time in Pargas an active elected official in the municipal administration. After his move he still continued to spend the summers in his summer house in Pargas.