The Old Market Square

In 1906 market days at the town square were limited to two days a week, which soon was extended to three. In summmer the bustlign market place was colorful sight. The stands of the meat traders stood along the eastern corner of the square. Opposite to the meat traders were the farmer´s stalls. Amazing fragrances spread across the marketplace from the north side of the square where the bakers had their sales tables.

The market square in the 1920s. Stig Engman collection.

The farmers measured up sour-milk in metal jars and also sold freshly ground butter and other agricultural products. Walter Johansson remembered that he as a child used to sell butter for his aunt Olga. The butter was taken to the square by a rowing boat early in the morning all the way from Ybbersnäs Södergård. As salary, Walter received a bun worth 50 pennies of the baker Lindblom in Bläsnäs.

People arriving by boat to Snäckviken around 1930. Stig Engmans collection.

The wives of the Pargas Limestone Quarry company officials were often at the market. They had the advantage of getting their purchases delivered home with the company’s horse and carriage, the so-called “square horse”. Both well-dressed summer guests and locals in their ordinary garbs could bee seen among the crowd in the square.

The beach at the square in 1940. All meat was inspected prior to sale in the white house on the beach. Stig Engmans collection.